About Us

Founded in 2005, Lambdatech FZ LLC , is a leading distribution company in UAE supplying a comprehensive range of medical and laboratory products from over 15 multinational companies in the healthcare field. Lambdatech FZ LLC is a total healthcare solution supplier, servicing hospitals, clinic & laboratory with a portfolio exceeding 1000 products ranging from medical and laboratory supplies and hospital and laboratory equipment.
In this highly competitive market, it is hard to find a supplier who not only offer highest quality and competitive price; but also a consistent, reliable and efficient service to every client. Vitrolife, Labotect, K System, Sparmed and MTG are just a few of the brands we represent in UAE and in neighboring countries in the GCC and MENA Region.

Our Vision

Vision and Mission statement :
• Respect our scientists and lab-men, and to ascend them off the conception of client/consumer to the concept of scientific partner by dealing with them on this basis and keeping business concept.
• Make available creative and inventive personnel of high efficiency, and permanently qualify them by necessary training courses in manufacturing companies to be quite ready to satisfy the needs of partners.
• Preserve the sources of high quality technology, developing them and permanently look after what is the best, more advanced & developing to go side by side with active scientific developing.
•Encourage exchanging scientific experience, develop knowledge, skills, capabilities and respect professional conduct